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I've been meaning to do this for awhile.

Sometime late last week, I got the itch to finally get my personal website up and going. It was just one of those things nagging in the back of my head, telling me I could do more than just stick image files into a random web directory.

Why go through all the trouble, though, when there's several art websites to stick pictures onto? Part of the reason is a more nuanced control. I may have whole groups of pictures I want to show to particular people. Like, say, all purple dragons that I've drawn viewed in one place. Well, now I can do that! I'm still going to post pictures to art sites—heck, I run one—but now I've got everything in one spot, too.

I gave myself until the end of the weekend as a deadline. There were a couple server-side issues that prevented me from getting it working Sunday night, but it was at least up even if not at one-hundred percent! There are rough spots, and parts I still want to improve. But the big barrier is past. Now starts the iterative process of tiny improvements here and there, changing or adding nitpicky details as I see fit.

Oh, and of course, art! The other big part of getting this up was to make me feel good about presenting my work, and thus get me drawing more again. That reason alone is worth the effort.

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